Your Financial Professional

Webster’s Dictionary defines team as: a number of persons associated in some joint action.

This is appealing to us in so many ways.  Let’s first look at the concept of joint action. An example of this could be heart surgery.  Although we at Omega have never performed heart surgery, we can come to the conclusion that during this process, there is a team in place to handle this procedure.

Potential Heart Surgery Team:

Cardiovascular surgeon – a doctor who specializes in surgeries of the heart and major blood vessels.

Anesthesiologist – a doctor who gives medication to keep you asleep and free of pain during surgery.

Perfusionist – a technician who operates the heart-lung bypass machine, if necessary, during surgery.

Physician assistants and nurse-practitioners – will assist in other important aspects during and after the surgery.

I’m sure we missed some members of this team, but as you can see everyone mentioned has an important role to play.  Each team member has been trained to do specific duties and has hundreds, even thousands of hours of experience with this procedure.  Can you imagine if a nurse practitioner went to an anesthesiologist and said, “Hey, I would love the opportunity to put this patient out. Can I give it a go?”  Hopefully, the doctor would say, “No thank you, I have been doing this for 17 years and I know what is best for this patient.” Or if the anesthesiologist said to the surgeon, “Hey doc, after I put this guy out, do you mind letting me open his chest up?  I’ve always wanted to do that!!!”  Of course we know this doesn’t go on. Our point is that the patient needs the best team in place and for everyone on the team to know what their role is. Most importantly, they must communicate with one another rather than interfere and jeopardize the outcome of the surgery. 

Thanks For The Update On Heart Surgery Omega, But What Does This Have To Do With My Investments?

You too should have a team in place, a financial team.  “Come on Omega, I don’t have enough money or a sophisticated estate to where I need my own team!” You’re wrong.  Everyone reading this letter should not only have a team in place, but each member of your team should be communicating with one another on behalf of YOU AND YOUR FAMILY’S financial wellbeing. 




Which Professional Is Missing From Your Team?

As you can see, there are multiple professionals who could be members of your financial team.  However, depending on which phase of life you’re in, determines how many of these professionals you need. And note, we are calling them professionals because those who specialize in these areas have gone through rigorous training, have passed many exams pertaining to their profession, and hopefully they have years of experience in their field. 

I Sort Of Have A Team In Place, But Why Do These Professionals Need To Communicate With Each Other?

At Omega, we have found by conducting annual reviews and interviewing prospects that many who have a team in place, rarely introduce their team to one another to communicate.  This can be problematic in so many ways, thus jeopardizing your financial plan. For example: depending on the size of your estate, should you have a trust? Do you have enough life insurance in the event of a premature death? Are you saving too much for your child’s college education and not enough for your own retirement? Are you putting enough away in your company’s retirement plan to at least get the match? What happens in the event you become disabled and you don’t have enough coverage? Are you taking advantage of all the IRS tax advantages to reduce your taxable income? If your goal is to leave a legacy to your family, are you sure the government won’t get half of your assets at your passing?  We could go on.   

So How, When, And Where Do I Start Assembling My Team Or Get My Team To Communicate With One Another?

It can start with Omega.  Through reviews or a phone call, let us help you recognize any potential to add a professional to your team.  We can then refer professionals or if you know someone, then all the better.  If your current team is in place, then begin to make introductions either by group emails or simply giving each member everyone’s contact information.